Saturday , 1 April 2023



KIWI Design Quest 2 Charging Dock Review

One thing the Quest 2 is becoming known for is accessories and KIWI Design’s always bring solid accessories in this area. They have...


Antlion Kimura Duo Review

Antlion’s ModMic Wireless has been my microphone of choice for such a long time, and has been the choice of microphone for many...


HTC VIVE Pro 2 Review

Over my time in Virtual Reality the main brand of headset I have used as my daily driver is HTC VIVE. With my...


WalkOVR MOCAP Review

Over my time in VR I have tried locomotion options like 3dRudder and Cybershoes, so I am always interested when companies try to bring locomotion methods...


BOBOVR F2 Upgrade Review

BOBOVR have recently released an upgraded version of their F2 Fitness Facial Interface for Meta Quest 2. Designed to give your Quest 2...


BOBOVR M2 Pro Strap Review

Over my time with the Meta Quest 2, I have had issues with the official elite strap breaking as have may others. So,...