Sunday , 19 May 2024



KIWI Design V2 Silent VR Cables Review

One thing that users of VR are always aching for that wireless solution for all head mounted displays. Where you have this with...


KIWI Design Grips Knuckle Strap Review

KIWI Design have attempted to bring Knuckle Straps for Oculus Rift S and Quest – we have now had some hands-on time with...


3dRudder Review (PSVR)

We have been using the PC version of the 3dRudder for about a year and half, and now we have have finally had...


Valve Index Review

We were excited when we first received the specs of the Valve Index, and this convinced me it was finally to upgrade to...


HTC Vive VR Cover Review

As VR games become more and more active and start to be more of a work out for some of the games/experiences, it...


ProTubeVR Review

Since VR was introduced companies have tried to find some way to bring some extra immersion to the gaming side of the platform,...