Saturday , 13 July 2024

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Journey For Elysium Review

Since we first started to receive information on Journey For Elysium, I was instantly taken in by the by the visual style of...

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Falcon Age Review

When Falcon Age was first announced on the PlayStation VR, we thought it interaction and bond with the falcon looked great. However, we...

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Battlewake Review

What has become well know on the VR medium is the fact that Survios know what they are doing when making VR games,...

PCVR GamesReviews

Westworld Awakening Review

The world of Westworld has finally made the jump to VR with HBO and renowned VR developer Survios teaming up to being this...

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Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition Review

Waltz of the Wizard (legacy edition) was released for free back in May 2016, now the team have brought out an Extended Edition....

PCVR GamesReviews

Fujii Review

Fujii was another game we first got introduced to as part of Upload’s #E3VR event. Where we knew little about the game, the...