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Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Review

After getting a taste of visiting the Doctor in The Runaway experience we were so pleased to see a fully fledged Doctor Who title announced with The Edge of Time. With the trailers showing off the Weeping Angels and Darleks, giving us goosebumps with the idea of seeing these in virtual reality. Well, the game is now here, so what do we make of The Edge of Time?


In The Edge of Time you will be drafted in by the Doctor to try to help her save reality itself. You are helping the Doctor because she has been dragged through time to the end of the universe, where a virus has been released that threatens to rip apart reality itself. Now, you have to work with the Doctor to try to save the universe.


As this story plays out you will visit and number of different locations trying to locate a time shard to help with your mission. Each of these time shards will see you solving puzzles, using the sonic screwdriver, activating the TARDIS and of course encountering the aforementioned Weeping Angels, Darleks and other creatures along the way.

Meaning at heart the game is a puzzle orientated, and in the most cases it won’t take you long to work out the puzzle elements. There was only really once I found myself having a struggle working out what to do, because in most cases you will be given help by the disembodied voice of the Doctor or Emma who you encounter through the game. However we did not find this much of an issue as the puzzles are fun to solve and it means you don’t get stuck waiting to continue the adventure – which is what Doctor Who is all about.

There was one section of the game we really stood out to me, and that was when you get inside of a Darlek shell. Although this shooting part is very generic feeling when it comes to the gameplay, it’s easy to get over just for the fact you are a Darlek.

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One thing that Doctor Who fans are going to love is the fact you get that feeling of being in this universe. The visual presentation is very polished, and the first time you step into the TARDIS or see the Darleks you are going to be blown away. Every element of the world is very detailed in all the different settings you visit through the five chapters. Making sure you are immersed in the game and get the feeling from the TV show.

When it comes to the audio they have made it feel authentic by using Jodie Whittaker herself as the Doctor, which of course brings very solid voice acting to the game and this is the same with Emma and other characters you hear throughout the adventure. The environments are built up with the sounds you would expect in each location, to make sure you are fully immersed in the world. With the final element of the sounds being the music to set the tone and tension in the more dark scenes and allowing you get the feeling you expect the Doctor does in the TV show.

Controls / Comfort

The game brings with it all the comfort options to make it accessible to everyone. You can play the game seated or standing, and in the options you have the choice of snap or smooth turning, to use blinders for your locomotion and set all your locomotion speeds.

As usual in this sort of game, your hands will be represented in the game by each touch controller. There really isn’t much to the control scheme, with the analogues controlling your movement, the A or X button to teleport, your grip buttons grabbing items and the trigger to use items like the sonic screwdriver.


The game will take you around two to three hours to complete, all depending on how quickly you solve the puzzles. With the story being the main element of the game, but with it giving the feeling of being in your own Doctor Who episode, it means some might return and give it another playthrough, but some might not. Meaning if you fall into the later you will not really getting any replay value from the title.

For the purposes of transparency, this review was created using a code provided by the company or their respective PR company. The use of a review code does not affect my judgement of the game.

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