Saturday , 22 June 2024

The VRverse

Season ThreeThe VRverse

Ep.29 – A VR Catch Up

This is the first episode for a few months without a guest, so The VR Realm and Dr Oculus just have a catch...

Season ThreeThe VRverse

Ep.28 – Special Guest Alberto Moreno from MyDearestVR

In Episode 28 we are joined a special guest Alberto Moreno from MyDearestVR and discuss upcoming game Brazen Blaze.

Season ThreeThe VRverse

Ep. 26 – PSVR2 One Year Later

In this episode 26 of The VRverse, Dr Oculus discusses his experience using the Apple Vision Pro, and we talk about the first...

Season ThreeThe VRverse

Ep. 25 – UEVR the mod VR needed?

The VRverse Season 3 is underway with Episode 25, as The VR Realm and Dr Oculus VR discuss new releases in January, PSVR2...

Season TwoThe VRverse

Ep.24 – The VRverse Awards 2023

In episode 24 of The VRverse, its the end of the year, so this only means one thing… time for some awards to...

Season TwoThe VRverse

Ep.23 – Will We Get More AAA?

In episode 23 of The VRverse, we discuss this months releases, Assassin’s Creed Nexus and whether we might see more AAA games in...