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Games I Would Love To See On PlayStation VR 2

With PlayStation VR 2 starting to land on many peoples doorsteps, I thought now is the perfect time to look at some games I would to see on the hardware – be it VR games on other platforms, sequels or games yet to get the VR treatment. So, lets see what games make my list.


What place better to start than a Spider-man game, with Sony owning the licence and their console outings being made by Insomniac Games – a studio that has experience making some great VR titles like Stormland. In the brief Spider-man experiences we have had in VR and the smooth locomotion system in Windlands 2, we have seen that this sort of movement in VR can be done well.

Insomniac Games have taken the Spider-man licence and made a triumph out of the web-slingers return to the gaming world – after much disappointment since the Spider-man 2 game all the way back on PS2. So, why not give this team chance to make it a success in the VR with their background in the medium. It really could be a system seller with all those Marvel fans out there.

Shadow of the Colossus

I just feel that we need one of Team ICO’s game in Virtual Reality with the artistic style it just seems perfect to take in and will be jaw dropping. You might be thinking ‘why Shadow of the Colossus?’

There is a reason this is my choice and this is down to an experience I have had in PCVR; which is Jet Island. This is a game I recommend to anyone on PCVR, this is because the scale in the game is outstanding and having to basically work your way up giant bosses in the game – something that those Colossus would offer in this title.

ASTRO BOT: Rescue Mission 2

The sequel we all need on PlayStation VR 2 and this one of my favourite games on PlayStation VR, to the point I played it a few days ago to get another playthrough in before I disconnected the PSVR. What the team at Team ASOBI did with this title and all the charm they added as expected with Astro Bot (who for me is slowly becoming Sony’s mascot) it would be a shame to see them not bring a sequel.

What excites me the most about the possibility of this is the way they used Astro Bot to show off all the features for PlayStation 5 and the new duel-sense controller. Meaning I can imagine them taking full advantage of all the features on the PSVR2 – with the triggers, eye tracking and headset haptics. This is a complete no-brainer, come on Sony and make the announcement already!

Half-Life: Alyx

This is something I would love to see make it to every platform, as this is the ultimate experience for VR users at the moment and one I still find hard to not to compare other games against. The team at Valve would not chance releasing a Half-Life game that wasn’t going to set new standards – and this was clearly evident in Alyx.

Outside of the fact I feel everyone should experience the excellence that is Alyx, with the features on PSVR2 that are not available else where would improve this title further. From the adaptive triggers making weapons feel different and imagine the headset haptics if a headcrab hits your face or being grabbed by the Barnacles – the new immersion possible by this would be outstanding. Then mix in foveated rendering from the eye tracking and there is no reason it couldn’t look as nice as it does on high-end PC’s.


Another one that seems like a no-brainer for Sony, bring back this dormant exclusive franchise that is loved by many. For me first person shooters excel in Virtual Reality and the pure adrenaline and action from this series seems perfectly suited for the medium. The gritty war-torn settings of the series, the weapons and seeing the Helghast in VR would be mind-blowing.

Sony acquired Firesprite and brought them in to make Horizon: Call of the Mountain, the new franchise of Guerrilla Games. So, they have already been trusted with one of Sony’s and Guerrilla Games beloved franchises, so why not trust them with a dormant franchise that needs to be introduced back into the gaming space and as aforementioned VR seems to be perfect medium for it to make a triumph return.

SOCOM: US Navy Seals

Now SOCOM: US Navy Seals always holds a special place in my heart when it comes to gaming, so this had to make my list of games I need to see on PSVR2. The reason this holds this special place for me is this the game that got me into online gaming back on PS2, and got me into clan gaming – which shaped me into the gamer that I am today.

Even if they just released an online only game that included all the best maps from SOCOM to SOCOM 3. I would love to be running around maps like Frostbite, Crossroads, Fish Hook, Fox Hunt and Citadel like you are in them, this would be a dream come true. As I have already mentioned previously shooters are perfect for VR and military shooters work so well, as seen in games like Onward.

So this a list of games I would to see make an appearance on PlayStation VR 2, and think they would be great additions to VR and help sell systems and headset for Sony.

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