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Is vorpX Worth It In 2019?

For the purposes of transparency, this article was created using a purchased version of vorpX. The use of a paid for product does not effect my opinions of the software.

Firstly if you’re unaware of vorpX is, this is a program that is available for use with a wide range of the PCVR headsets. With vorpX you are able to inject a number of standard games in VR. Meaning some of those games you wanted to be in VR, might just be achievable.

vorpX has been around since early 2013, and has been updated constantly over it’s years of availability. With this is mind is the software worth it in 2019?


The program comes with true Stereo 3D profiles for more than 250 games, with many other Direct-X 9 – 11 titles also supported. In these cases it is not usually with Stereo 3D but brings head tracking into the game, so it feels like you are in the world looking around. If you would like a full list of supported titles please check this list here.

It also includes something called Direct VR, this is a collection of techniques that will provide the compatibility for normal games with very little user interaction being needed. For one example Direct VR with optimise the games settings for you – like setting the optimized resolution and FOV to provided the low latency head-tracking.

Still want to use the VR controllers? That is not a problem, vorpX included a map for your VR controllers and displays the mapping. But, if you prefer the traditional methods of keyboard and mouse or gamepad, you are still covered as these are supported too.

There’s many other uses within the program as well, you can use it as desktop viewer and watch videos and 3D videos. An other element tot he gaming side is you can play the games in cinema mode and be placed inside of the home cinema, like you are playing on the big screen.


One great thing about vorpX is Ralph who made the program is a huge fan and advocate for VR, meaning he is constantly bring new updates. These can include new game profiles, tweaks to how the program runs and fixing issues within current profiles. So, the program is going to keep bringing official updates, as it has over its six years in existence.

Also it has a cloud based user settings and profile systems, so if you can not get a game working you can search and see if someone else has made a profile available. This can save you time in tweaking your settings and can bring quick resolutions and fixes for you.


vorpx-01 vorpx-02 vorpx-03 vorpx-04 vorpx-05 vorpx-06

Ease of Use

You might be asking yourself, but what if there isn’t a profile ready… is it easy to create my own? I found it is easy enough to crate, with a bit of time to get things how you like it, but this is only is a game by the company has not already been supported.

If there is a game that is already supported in the Local Profiles that uses the same engine, you can easily clone this and link your exe file to that clone. This takes little time and makes the settings match the previous games. For example; when I was looking at Anthem I cloned the Mass Effect Andromeda profile.

All you need to do is… Goto Local Profiles> Locate the game with the same engine> Select it and click ‘Creat a new profile based on this one> Name your profile and click the two check boxes> Locate you created profile on Local Profiles> Select it and click add> Select you games exe file.


vorpX is something you have to purchase a licence for, but for me the it is worth every penny. The program will cost you £28.99 (+vat), which is not bad at all. Considering you can bring a huge number of your favourite games into VR. As well as adding this option to your VR library it also supports Ralph and all the hard work he still is and has put into vorpx.

Now I know some people think they’re should be a version of the program that is free with some of the features, but I think the program is priced fairly.


Now, where in the most part the program works it comes with a few little issues. The ones I have witness so far are; using the full geometry 3D settings in some of the supported profiles causes some glitches. For example in Resident Evil 7, Mia will lose her hair. The program is listed and blocked by Easy Anti-Cheat meaning that it is not possible to inject any games that uses this system. Also, one thing you need to remember if the game is running Direct-X 12, you will need to go in and turn this down to 11 before launching the vorpX, or else it won’t inject. The final one being Geometry 3D is not available in every game, what this means is the 3D effect on the closer objects will not be that great, and in some cases they will look flat.


  • Gives you that chance to play your favourite normal games in VR
  • Created by an advocate of VR
  • Cost is great for what it will allow
  • Many great features
  • Brings old games to life


  • Blocked by Easy Anti-Cheat
  • Geometry 3D is not available in every game
  • Not all games will work fully, for example Call of Duty Ghosts does not allow head-tracking
  • Manual tweaking for games can be a time eater


I would honestly recommend vorpX to anyone who is looking to bring some of their favourite standard/pancake games in VR. The program already brings a huge list of titles supported and created by Ralph, and the ability to bring your own into the game with full head-tracking. For the small price of less than a AAA game this is all made possible and it doesn’t stop at the gaming aspect with desktop support and the ability to watch videos and 3D videos. The best thing being with this being created by someone who is an advocate of VR, the updates will keep coming – as they have over it’s six years of release.

Buy vorpX

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