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Border Bots VR Review

When first seeing Border Bots VR I was left thinking is this what VR needs in 2023? (before the delay), as it seemed to be arching back to what was acceptable years ago. But, as VR has moved forward games like Job Simulator are still popular, so if handled right maybe it could still work.

Release Date: February 8th 2024
Developer: vTime Games
Publisher: Team17
Price: TBC
Reviewed On: PlayStation VR2
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It’s future earth, which only means one thing AI is now in control. Your only role as a human is a border agent. You are selected in a lottery to begin your job as a booth operation at an AI travel border. However, it’s not as easy at seems, as you are going to have analyse the documents and check the robots looking to pass through security, keeping an eye out for discrepancies, contraband and undeclared modifications to name a few.

What initially starts of as few checks to complete, soon ramps up and will have you not only checking their paper work for the obvious discrepancies like model and date, but rotating them looking for possible storage compartments and checking their badges against manufacturer and many more.

In order to do this you are going to have utilise the tools you have at your disposable, from a 3D printer to check the robot models, a barcode scanner, your manufacturer tablet to a contraband detector. However, you will be doing this against a timer, so you need to start to get used to the best checks to complete and in what order, as the checks get more tricky against the time available for your days work.

You will be rewarded for yours hard days work with credits, which will allow you to purchase booth upgrades to keep you ahead of your competition… oh yeah did I miss your time and accuracy will grade you against the other booth runners? Who like you are trying to climb that corporate ladder.

Maybe you might be lucky enough to have some spare credits or possibly not unlocked your next upgrade and those credits are burning a hole in your pocket, then why not treat yourself to some new gloves or customise your apartment to bring it to life for relaxing in before work.

As aforementioned at first I was concerned about the approach the game had taken for gameplay, because the static Job Simulator like games seemed to have their time in the limelight for the medium. However, the amount of possible checks, how fun and hectic it can get and the border booth operator not being touched on in VR really allows this game to shine.


I think the best approach for these sort of games, and the one most developers take is the cartoon look, with bold and bright colors – and this is the approach taken with Border Bots and it works perfectly. This allowed the team to fill the world full of quirky robots both at your booth or sentient appliances in your apartment. With the bright colors and all the crazy characters in the world of Border Bots it will always keep you entertained.

As mentioned the game is full of quirky robots, from the news reader, your apartment appliances and robots looking for entry – so it only makes sense that the game brings with it humor. This is something the game brings in for the get go, even in the tutorial. With solid voice acting to make sure that those fun lines hit. You will also get the noises of cars flying by your apartment, the hustle and bustle of the border control centre and your radio for music – with extra tracks being purchasable with your credits. All bringing the settings and world to life.



Border Bots VR takes elements of Job Simulator and Papers Please and mixes the together to make what is a very fun game. Putting together a decent number of checks to carry out to decide if the robots are approved or denied entry. The mix of the checks, the timer and some of characters you get at your booth will certainly keep you on your toes. However, these sort of static simulator types games have started to feel a little dated to what we would be expecting in 2024, so this is something to take into account when considering your purchase. Although, I am sure you, your friends and/or family will have plenty of fun if you do add it to your library.

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