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Month: February 2019

PSVR GamesReviews

Verti-Go Home Review

Verti-Go Home is a free game on mobile VR platforms, and now it is making its way to the PlayStation VR platform. The...

PCVR GamesReviews

Dick Wilde 2 Review

Dick Wilde has returned with a second round of taking out critters with it’s Southern American twist. The first instalment was a solid...

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

Hands-on With Mosh Pit Simulator

When I first heard a game coming out under the moniker of Mosh Pit Simulator, it called back to my youth. Meaning I...


Is The Battlefront VR Mission Worth £5(GBP)?

Over a year after the release of the game, and around two months after the PlayStation VR graced the metaverse, the team at...