Monday , 5 June 2023


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Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review

Propagation: Paradise Hotel is not the first Propagation game to hit Virtual Reality, with the original playing out as more of a wave...

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Another Fisherman’s Tale Review

A Fisherman’s Tale is still one of my favorite puzzle games in Virtual Reality, so I was super excited when Another Fisherman’s Tale...


DPVR E4 Review

The team at DPVR had a vision with the E4 which was to make an affordable PCVR headset, that is made to take...

PCVR GamesReviews

A Knight In The Attic Review

One thing I love is when an Indie developer takes an idea that is new to VR and runs with it. This is...

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Jurassic World Aftermath Collection Review

There are a number of franchises that could make use of virtual reality, and Jurassic World was one that should be a perfect...

PSVR2 GamesReviews

Across The Valley Review

What I like about VR is its a medium that offers so many options, and Across The Valley is looking to bring farming...