Wednesday , 24 April 2024

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Arashi: Castles of Sin Review

When the trailer for Arashi: Castles of Sin was released, I was instantly excited, with the thought of getting a game in the...

PSVR GamesReviews

Synth Riders Review

Over it’s time through development on other platforms Synth Riders has became my favourite VR rhythm game, as it improves every update. The...

PSVR GamesReviews

ALVO Review

ALVO made it’s first appearance back in 2017, and since then has been through a bit a development nightmare from funding issues, to...

PSVR GamesReviews

Doom 3: VR Edition Review

Having tried a number of mods to make Doom 3 run in VR on both PC and Oculus Quest, we were pleased to...

PSVR GamesReviews

Hitman 3 VR Review

A number of VR users have been waiting to step into the shoes of Agent 47, and the team at IO Interactive have...

PSVR GamesReviews

A Room Where Art Conceals Review

A Room Where Art Conceals has finally made its way over the EU and US PlayStation Stores. Another game trying to bring an...