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Hitman 3 VR Review

A number of VR users have been waiting to step into the shoes of Agent 47, and the team at IO Interactive have made this possible with PlayStation VR. With them making the whole trilogy playable on Sony’s HMD, so, we have jumped into Hitman 3 to see how it played out… so what did we think?


Hitman 3 is the end of The World Assassination trilogy, and for this reason you will be completing the story of Agent 47, Diana and Lucas Grey’s fight against Providence. But, can they take down this powerful organisation, who are playing puppet master to the rest of the world?


As with the previous entries in the series, you will be taken to a number of locations around the world and different settings to take out your targets and complete your missions. But, one thing different is that the open world element of each location seems to offer more. This is done by offering a larger numbers of paths, permanent shortcuts and options to make it your targets. Also adding the use of a camera and having you interact with buttons as new additions – just for the world design of the game, and in turn improving the gameplay experience.

How you approach the assassination is also down to you and your gear, which can change up the game completely. We found on our first play-through it was really important to watch your targets route and get an idea on what sort of support and security they have with them at the time – and then make your move. All of this, while making sure your cover is not blown, given some enemies will pick you up in your disguise. But, as you complete missions, set tasks and your approach are then rewarded with the progression system – which will grant you new tools and weapons to play around with. Meaning your next approach to the level could be completely different.

If you have played the previous Hitman games in the trilogy, you will already have the idea of what to expect from the gameplay. Although, the assassinations now feel much more personal playing it in VR, as you point your gun at the targets by stretching out your arm or sneak up, and reach out and take them down with your garrotte wire.


Overall the visual side of the game is well accomplished in the VR mode and you will feel immersed in the Hitman world. With the game offering a number of locations around the world and the different settings, each of the missions will take you to a new place in VR, with our favourite being Chongqing and the neon light streets. However, we found a few issues with the visual design that sort of removed some the immersion. These were clipping with characters in busy scenes like a nightclub setting, and one thing that distracted me a number of times, was the hands of Agent 47 looking like they are holding a game controller when you look down – when not using the one arm you can separately.

When it comes to audio, there is not really any point I could pick out as being bad. With the game offering solid voice acting, great environmental sounds for each setting, and the weapons sounding great.


The game can be played standing or seated and it wont detract from the over all experience, down the a button based crouch system. When it comes to the locomotion in the game it only offers smooth-locomotion, but it brings a number of the options to help to prevent VR nausea. With offering smooth or snap turning and VR blinders.

Now, my main issue with the game comes with the controls, although these do the job it just seems the team missed a trick not offering Move controller support. This was then made more noticeable due to them using the tracking on the DualShock 4, to allow on hand to be reached out to aim, punch and press buttons in the world. However, once you get over this, the control system works in the most part – with my main issue coming with some tracking being lost at the time.


One thing that is great about the latest entry into the Hitman series, is the aforementioned improvements on the open world. This gives the game a great amount of replay value, as you can complete each mission and assassinations in so many ways. All while trying to set new personal best in each level. Then if you already own or purchase the Hitman and Hitman 2 games, you can also play these in VR as well. Overall offering some of the best longevity I have seen in a VR game.


For the purposes of transparency, this review was created using a purchased copy of the game. The use of a purchased game does not affect my judgement of the product.


Review Overview

There is nothing like stepping into the suit and shoes of Agent 47, and getting to do this in VR really takes it to the next level. One thing that has been really nice about the VR element is, how solid it is and it does not feel like it is something that has just been an after thought. With our main issues with the experience coming from a mixed bag control scheme and some obvious hardware constraints. But, if you own a PSVR, and want what is for us PSVR’s most meaty game that offers plenty of replay value, you should look no further than Hitman 3 – and then can even take the chance of adding the first two entries in the trilogy to your VR library.

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