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Hands-on with PSVR2 Magcups from ProTubeVR

As the library of shooters is growing on PlayStation VR2, and as someone who has been using a ProTube since back in 2018, I was happy to see the that they had released Magcups of Sony’s latest hardware. So, I have been running these through so testing across some of the shooters available on the platform.

Release Date: February 22nd 2023
Brand: ProTube VR
Price: €30,00 (excluding tax)
Reviewed On: PlayStation VR2
* Product Provided For Review *


Getting the Magcups on your controllers takes no time at all. All you need to do is flick up the latch on the front of the cup, turn this to loosen the grip, place in your controller and then tighten the grip and put down the latch. How easy this is to put on and remove makes it very convenient for removing them when not in use if you don’t want them on permanently, which is great if like me you use a dock to charge the controllers.


For testing the product I jumped into the shooters I play the most on PlayStation VR2, those being Pavlov, Crossfire: Sierra Squad, ALVO and The Light Brigade. (Please note, although I own Firewall Ultra I cannot play this for reasons outside of my own control, so this was not tested with the ProTube for this reason).

The overall performance of breaking the magnetic connection from stock was what I have come to expect from the product. This is really easy to achieve with a little twist movement to remove them and the magnets are strong enough to easy get them placed back onto the stock as well.

When it came to the games themselves, given the same easy removal and replacement on the stock, it gave all the same benefits I have found using the product since 2018. With the feel of holding the in-game weapon, bringing extra accuracy with the controllers being held in place solidly on the stock, and of course the extra immersion – I just wish there was a way to get the ForceTube attachment working with them as well.

The only game I really faced some struggles with and ended up not using the stock for was ALVO. Not that it was an issue with performance of the product, just the game is more fast-paced. Meaning I found it offered a little disadvantage when in a gun fight if needing the reload. Also, when playing The Light Brigade, you need to offset the vertical height of the weapon to get it work perfectly with that game.


ProTubeVR have taken the perfect approach with the design of the PSVR2 Magcups, with a design that is easy to connect when they are needed and remove when they are not. With the companies experience and expertise in the gunstock market, you get the performance and quality its customers have come to expect from the Magcups. If you have their Magtube stock already and have the PSVR2 these are certainly worth adding for games like Pavlov, and if you are new to the gunstock market and can afford a MagTube this is by far the best on the market.

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