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CoolPaintr VR Review

CoolPaintr VR Review (PSVR)

For the purposes of transparency, this review was created using a code provided by the company or their respective PR company. The use of a review code does not affect my judgement of the game.

The Playstation VR has many games, experiences and 360 video applications available on it, but one thing it is missing is creative applications. CoolPaintr VR brings this over to Playstation VR – but what does it offer?

As you will likely guess from the name of the application, developers WildBit Studios have brought over an artistic option to the PSVR. Meaning every owner out there has the ability to allow their creative juices to flow, and create what ever 3D paintings they want – the only limitation is your imagination.

With the application you are going to be able to create what ever you want, be it your dream location or virtual reality space and you can then be a part of it using the zoom tool. For example; say you painted a giant Godzilla like character you could zoom in so it feels like you are stood at it’s feet and looking up it is towering over you. Just remember this space you are placed in your blank canvas, just close your eyes, let your mind do its work and then create. There really isn’t much more I can say about what you will be doing in this application, that’s all down to you.

But, the team over a WildBit studios have made sure they have given you the tools to do so, and all it will require is the one Move Controller which will become a creative version of a Swiss army knife. With different tools linked to different buttons on the controller, so lets see what this tools are included.

The most important one on the controller to get your ideas into this space is the Trigger, which is all based on the pressure you apply to it. The more pressure the larger the spread will be on the tool you are using.

The square button it what basically brings up your options. From that you will be able to select from drawing, erase, move, undo, redo, save, load and export. When it comes to the saving and loading you have two options, you can do this directly to and from the PS4 or a USB Stick (f you have one connected to the PS4).

coolpaintr-vr-01 coolpaintr-vr-02 coolpaintr-vr-03 coolpaintr-vr-04 coolpaintr-vr-05
Image Provided by WildBit Studios

Your triangle button is important when it comes to your creation as well. This button is assigned to all your palette options, meaning this where you are going to select your brush type, dropper, tubes, solids, particles and multiples. Within this palette it will also give you the option to import images as references for your creation and activate symmetry. The symmetry tool will allow you to duplicate what you are drawing on one side to the other – which comes in useful for objects that need to be the symmetrical.

The X button is where you will find the aforementioned zoom tool, that will allow you to increase or decrease the size of your drawing. As well as the use to put your self into the scene that I mentioned, this tool also has it uses for when you are creating your work. This is because you can get more space to create by making them smaller and can put finishing touches of detail into your work by zooming in. Meaning there is no restrictions in place to stop your creating what you imagination wants to.

Your circle button is your colour palette, the team have placed some set colours into the palette, but you can select your own using the colour square next to the palette. This is your typical colour square you will find in programs like Photoshop with a slider down the side, and then you select your colour from the square for that tone – meaning you can what ever colour you wish to use.

Finally the big Move button in the center of the controller will activate a grab tool that allows you move your creation around. This can come in useful in a number of ways, from moving the drawing away to give you more space to keep creating, be it a new piece or the next part of the drawing. Then in some cases if you want to turn in to get a better angle to add something the piece without moving out of view of the camera, meaning it eliminates any frustration of loosing tracking as you work.

As someone who used to love drawing and being creative I always feel music is a huge part of it, to keep you going and in some cases as the inspiration. If this sounds like you the team have all this covered by allowing to import your own music into the game. For me showing the team have put the time and effort into knowing what some people like.

Now the only one thing I would have liked to see in the application was a few more brush types. At the moment when it comes to the brush options you have three different tips to choose from. But other than this everything you should need is there to make what your mind desires.


The team at WildBit have finally brought a creative application over the Playstation VR, something it has been missing. No longer do PSVR owners need to be in envy of other platforms with applications like Tilt Brush. CoolPaintr VR provides the tools you need, now it’s just down to you and your imagination. The application is real pleasure to use, and if you have that creative side it holds no limits to what can be achieved. For me this is a must own application on Sony’s hardware.

Playstation VR exclusive
Developer: WildBit Studios

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