Accounting+ Review (Oculus Quest)

When we heard that Accounting+ was coming to the Oculus Quest, we knew we would need to dive back into the game. Accounting introduced us to PCVR, when we got the HTC Vive and we really enjoyed Accounting+ on that platform too. With this now coming to Quest, we knew it was time to get back into some VR accounting… so what did make of the Quest port?

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ROGAN: The Thief In The Castle Review (Oculus Rift)

We first heard of ROGAN: Thief in the Castle as part of Uploads E3VR events, and straight away we knew this a was title we needed to check out. The reason I thought this was it seemed we were finally getting a Thief in VR. We have now that chance to play through this, was our excitement worth it?

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FREEDIVER: Triton Down Review (Oculus Rift)

When the teaser trailer was released for Archiact’s FREEDIVER Triton Down and the hashtag of #DontForgetBreathe popped up, I was instantly interested to see what the game was going to do. Well, I have now had the chance to playthrough it, what did I think?

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Luna Review (PSVR)

One thing I really like in VR is when developers look at possibilities that the medium holds, that are outside of the box. These possibilities are normally best explored in story-like experiences, and this is the approach that the team at Funomena have taken. So, did this experience leave a positive impression?

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