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Numskull VR Headset Stand Review

Numskull VR Headset Stand Review

For the purposes of transparency, this review was created using a sample model provided by the company or their respective PR company. The use of a review code does not affect my judgement of the game.

Since the release of the Playstation VR in October last year, there hasn’t been many ways to display your headset, we have seen the release of a few stands, and Sony released a carry case. However, where the carry case could be used to store the headset in when not in use, it was essentially as the name suggests a carry case. The guys at Numskull now have an official licensed VR headset stand available, but how does it hold up?

What’s in the Box?

Inside the box you get instructions on how to put the headset onto the stand, an obsidian mannequin head, an adjustable stand with a velcro strap to be used as a wire tidy, and a weighed chrome finished stand.


The reason the product did not come with any assembly instructions is because it is that simple to put together. All that you will need to do is screw the adjustable stand to the base, and then the head into the adjustable stand. It is also easy to differentiate which end is for the chrome stand or the head, due to the size differences between the screw threads.


Numskull were eager to point on the box that the design suits the colours of the Playstation VR Headset, and this point is true. They have only used chrome and black, with the head being black, the adjustable stand being chrome, with a black clip for adjusting it and velcro to tidy the wires, and the weighted stand being chrome finished – this includes an engraved Numskull and Playstation VR logo, which I thought was a nice little touch to the design.


Given the weight in the obsidian head and the base, it makes the stand very sturdy when on a solid surface – but, if the stand is on carpet it seems like it would easily tip, but that should be expected. With the headset holder being similar to a mannequin head it holds the headset itself in a safe and sturdy way, and given the overall weight of the head plus the base there is no way the stand will fall over of its own accord (if as mentioned above it is on a solid surface).


All the materials used on the headset stand, seem to be of a high quality, with a high quality finish. In relation to the quality what impressed me the most was the quality plastic, and the solid good quality feel of the obsidian head. The engravings as mentioned in the design where also of high quality and to good detail. I really feel the overall quality of the product and the finishing, is what resulted in this becoming an official licensed Sony product.

However, One thing I was not keen on was the use of velcro for the wire-tidy part on the adjustable stand. I just feel that over time the velcro will no longer hold together depending on the quality, but only time will tell. This could be easily and cheaply replaced if it does happen, but I feel that they could have offered a clip like mechanism to tidy the wires, rather than the cheaper option.


With the head-piece being basically a mannequin head it is perfect for displaying, and holding the headset. Also it makes sure they’ll be no damage to the lenses inside the of the eye unit. Prior to this I used a GAME-ware holder and this used a plastic attachment to rest the nose part on, but if this was slightly off the lenses would be touching the rest – this made me worry about the lenses becoming scratched.

Another thing I liked about the display option the product offers, is that it provides a way to display/store the headphones you use with the VR, if you have abandoned the in-ear ones provided with the headset. Meaning you can store all the VR equipment in one place, and somewhere it actually looks good.

Taking all the above into the account they have designed it perfectly to securely hold your headset, and if like me you have a gaming room/studio, this is the way you would want to display it.

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