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When we heard that Accounting+ was coming to the Oculus Quest, we knew we would need to dive back into the game. Accounting introduced us to PCVR, when we got the HTC Vive and we really enjoyed Accounting+ on that platform too. With this now coming to Quest, we knew it was time to get back into some VR accounting… so what did make of the Quest port?

You may be surprised with the title, but the experience does not actually include any accounting. Instead you are placed in the shoes of a new employee that is going to learn about future accounting in the medium of VR. However, it all goes wrong and you now need to get out of this virtual reality world and boy is this task one hell of a trip.

You may have noticed previously I have branded this as an experience, because it is hard to call it a game. But, that is not a bad thing in Accounting+’s case. There is some elements of gameplay in the form of very basic puzzles, that will present you with a new VR headset or your death in order to continue. But none of these are going to take a while to figure out, as you are sort of promoted by the dialogue. Where some people might not be to happy with the simple gameplay element this really isn’t the experiences main focus.

The main focus of Accounting+ is the visual presentation and the audio, given the games very humorous side. If you have played the PCVR or PlayStation VR version of the game, you will see the obvious visual downgrades that have been made to make it run on the Oculus Quest, but this is in no-way damaging to what are going to get from the experience.

The team have taken a very much Job Simulator-esc stylised approach to the visuals style, but this is what this really needed, given what you will be witnessing in the experience. Be it getting abused by a white blob in a wood-land area, summoning Satan, or speaking to the King of VR in a dungeon – this visual style allows you to be taken into the world.

accountingplus_screenshot_03 accountingplus_screenshot_04 accountingplus_screenshot_05 accountingplus_screenshot_08 accountingplus_screenshot_11

Then you have the sound element of the game, and every character and their own surreal personalities are all brought to life by excellent voice acting. But it is worth noting that the games sense of humour might not be to the taste of everyone, with it coming from Justin Roiland the mind behind Rick and Morty. So, expect the same off-beat and offensive humour and language that goes hand-in-hand with that. What this means is if you like Rick and Morty you will certainly love what Accounting+ has to offer, however, this means you may struggle with it if that is not your cup of tea.

The team have kept both the options of playing the game standing or seated, again which bring that same movement options as the PCVR counter-part. Given the Oculus Quest is not tethered the better option is standing – but as long as you have the space to move around, but if not you can teleport freely. Then in seated mode you have click turns and pre-placed spots to can teleport to – which is still a decent movement system in it’s own rights. Outside of this for some reason I just couldn’t get used to using the grip button on the side to pick up objects at first and kept automatically going to the trigger, but after playing a few scenes I seemed to get used to this.

This is a direct port of the other versions of the game, so you will not be getting any extended play-time out of the game. Which means the experience will last your around an hour, as you will want to keep listening to the dialogue in the game as this will have you laughing a lot – of course it it’s you sense of humour. Around the experience is some hidden levels, so working out where these are if you have not played them before will add an additional thirty to forty minutes to Accounting+. However, where this might seem a little short, if it’s your sense of humour you will certainly revisit it a number of times.

  • Humour
  • Satan summoning rap
  • Wacky worlds you visit
  • Tree Guy

  • Brief experience, that leaves you wanting more
  • Humour is not for everyone


Accounting+ is an experience that will have you scratching your head and thinking what I have just played? And what did it have to do with number crunching?. The experience is more about the taking in the wacky worlds and surreal situations you are placed in – as you would expect as it is coming from the creative minds of Justin Roiland and the team behind The Stanley Parable. However, you do have to ask yourself before buying it… is this going to appeal to my sense of humour? If it does you will love every second in Accounting+.

Also available on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and Valve Index
Developers: Crows Crows Crows / Squanch Games
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