Saturday , 18 May 2024



ZyberVR ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap Review

I was impressed with the original version of the ZyberVR ZERO Quest 3 Elite Strap. They have now released an improved version with...

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UNDERDOGS is the latest title to enter the roguelike arena, which seems to be becoming the Wave Shooter of modern Virtual Reality. The...

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Bulletstorm VR Review

When the first trailer dropped announcing that Bulletstorm was getting a Virtual Reality port, I was instantly excited. The memories came flowing back...

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Prison Boss VR Review

Prison Boss VR has made it over to the PlayStation VR2, with it originally releasing in 2018, does it still hold out today,...

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Vertigo 2 Review

Vertigo 2 was one of if not the best PCVR games in 2023, and after a few delays it means 2024 could get...


Globular Cluster CMQ3 Comfort Mod for Quest 3 Review

The Globular Cluster CMP2 Comfortable Mod for PSVR2 really improved the comfort of my PlayStation VR2 to a point where it has become...